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How may times have you struggled trying to figure out just how a coin will look – struggled because often times, the flat pictures that you see of coins just don’t always give you a very good idea of what the coin looks like. Particular features of many modern coins, such as high relief as just one good example, don’t translate all too well onto flat pictures. Also, some of today’s ultra detailed coins are often just not all that well represented with flat pictures. Another popular feature of several coin series is the inclusion of minerals or earthen or even interstellar materials like pieces of a meteorite. In flat pictures, the beauty, textures, and dimensionality of these 3-dimensional objects often don’t appear in a way that closely resembles the actual coin.


But the First Coin Company knows this and has made probably more effort than any other coin dealer to showcase certain coins in videos. With video, the features of the actual coin itself show up and can be understood by the viewer much better because the video can capture continuous motion unlike flat pictures which can not. Continuous motion captured in video provides a very good representation of the dimensionality and other features of a coin not really possible with flat pictures. You’ve probably heard the apropos adage: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million”. And it’s really true.


So now that we understand the value of video to showcase certain coins, the only important thing remaining is to understand where we can find these videos, some of which by the way, are exclusive coin videos produced by the folks at the First Coin Company. As some of you might have guessed already (and many customers already do know), the First Coin Company has an active YouTube channel which hosts the First Coin Company’s coins videos. That YouTube channel can be found here:


I find myself regularly going to the First Coin Company’s YouTube channel to check out coins I am interested in as well as checking out videos of coins I may not have even known were released for sale. I just love this channel because the videos are high quality, engaging, and very informative. Another terrific aspect of the the First Coin Company’s YouTube channel is that I can post comments, read comments from others, and engage in discussions if I so choose….all to help me better learn about the specific coin in the video or modern premium coin collecting in general.


I’m grabbing a cup of coffee right now and I’ll be shortly heading over to the First Coin Company’s YouTube channel….see you there!


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